Anti-Aging Tips

Anti-Aging Tips are easy to come by. It seems like everyone has advice for those beginning to notice some signs of aging. In fact since merchants realized that boomers are turninginto seniors, suddenly everyone is merchandising with a 'stay young' flair.

But this is not about merchandising. If you are looking for Anti-Aging Tips online, you are serious. And so I offer you these:

1. Make a list of things that you do not like about the thought that you are going to grow old. Yes, I am serious. Make a short list now.

Is it that you do not want the physical decline you often see when people need canes or they walk with a sort of shuffle? Is it that you do not want wrinkled skin filled with 'age sports' or 'liver spots'? Is it that you fear a loss of power? or respect? or not having enough money anymore? Exactly what are your concerns?

Yes, write down 3 or more of them. Get it out there where you can see it. So that is tip number 1 - put your concerns in writing and save the paper.

Now read the rest of these Anti-Aging Tips carefully. Think about them AND DO at least some of them. There is no reason why your older years need be terrible. They could be the very best ones in your life.

2. Let's take care of you concerns about becoming frail as you age. There is no reason why this needs to be a part of your aging. Many people remain strong and vigorous well into their nineties and even past 100. So, why do some people grow weaker with age?

Muscles that are not challenged, weaken. That is why many old people grow weak. They get used to driving everywhere. They are no longer lifting or carrying children. Each year, their muscles grow weaker until they can not get out of a chair by themselves.

This does not have to happen to you. And researchers have learned that even if your muscles have become weak already, you can reverse your decline. (Even nursing home residentswho participated in strengthening activities were able to put away their walker. Some even were able to get out of their wheel chairs.

Interested? Read:

3. Now there is the 'old age shuffle'. This does not have to happen to you as you age. You can take control. Let me explain. People can lose about 1% of their balance and co-ordination each year after they turn 40. (This natural loss is the real reason why most professional athletes retire by the time they are fifty.) If you do nothing to reverse this natural loss, it will accumulate so that by the time you are 68, you will have lost 28-32% of your balance and co-ordination. But this does not have to happen. See: Balance and Co-ordination

More Anti-Aging Tips let move on to other things. Are you afraid of loss of power? prestige?So many people fear this. It is one of the things that can arise as you move onto a new stage of human development, Elderhood.

Often children fear a loss of freedom as they move towards adulthood but then adulthood proves to have many experiences that childhood could not even imagine. So, too, many adult fear the loss of adult things as they move towards Elderhood...because they have no clue about the new joys thatElderhood offers.

So here is your fourth tip: Try reading about Elderhood . Reading this is not the same as living it but it should alleviate some of your fear. I am not sure what your other fears or concerns are. What I can tell you is that if you browse around this web site,you will find Anti-Aging tips about fashion, finances, retirement. And you will find some of the latest researchabout brain regeneration, good health and living a meaningful life. In some sense, this whole web siteis one big package of Anti-Aging tips. Enjoy exploring it. Do bookmark this site so you can come back again.

I am really dedicated to providing you and all the readers with the latest and best research on the topic.

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