Anti-aging Hand cream

Anti-aging Hand cream products come in every shape and size. Manufacturers know that women are concerned about their hands since our hands reveal aging first. But with good hand care, you can keep or restore your hands to a more youthful appearance.

Here are practical tips about caring for your hands from some of the best beauty consultants.

  1. Gayle Hayman, co-founder of Giorgio in Beverly Hills says that she washes her hands often during the day. This is not only a good health practice but it keeps her from transferring dust or dirt to her face. But soaps can be hard on your hands. She uses Neutrogena transparent soap because it is very mild - even milder than Dove soap.

    After washing, you want to massage some protective oil into your skin. Natural oils such as Olive, almond or sesame oil are good choices. Keep a bottle by every sink in the house - and if you are going out,drop a small bottle into your pocket or purse.

    Put some oil or Anti-aging Hand cream on your hands, massage it in well. Then give them a quick rinse to remove any excess and pat dry. Do this regularly and you will have softer, smoother hands.

  2. Put your Anti-aging Hand cream on your hands under gloves - rubber, synthetic. Wear this when you clean, garden or even when walking or working out. It is said that Jackie Onassis used to cream her hands, put on gloves and go jogging when she lived in New York. You can - and should - do the same.
  3. Using a cream on your hands at night will also help. There was a time when every woman had a couple pairs of 'night gloves' - thin cotton or silk gloves with a small button at the wrist. But if you do not have 'night gloves' a pair of glove lines will do just as well.
  4. Gale Hayman, in How do I Look? The Complete Guide to Inner and Outer Beauty makes a point of saying that consistency is the key to good care. And if you are consistent, you will see results in just a few weeks.

Anti-aging Hand cream product choice: Frequently Asked Questions:

There are so many on products on the market. Which is best? Should you use a different product at night from what you use during the day? Is a liquid better than a cream? Will a good sunscreen do as well as anything else? Are there specific products or chemicals that you should avoid?

  • Let's take the last question first. Are their chemicals or products you should avoid?

    Yes, definitively. A number of skin care specialists suggest avoiding products with mineral oil since this can block your pores and can lead to clogged pores and later skin problems.

  • Also, you need to know that petrolatum is simply a thicker form of mineral oil. So do check the ingredient list before buying.

    Many skin specialists now recommend natural products - those without extra chemicals. These are easier on your skin.

  • Should you use a different product at night?

    Many women use a thicker product, a cream at night and keep to the natural oils for during the day. But what is most important it to use something on your hands regularly - especially after they have been in water.

  • What about 'sun block' lotions?

    Using a lotion with a high SPF is very useful - especially if you are going to be outdoors. Many sun block lotions act as moisturizers as well as sun block.

  • what about cost? Are more expensive products better?

    Researchers in Sweden found that those using the most expensive products tended to use them more faithfully than those with less expensive products. As a result the more expensive products proved to be more effective - but the reason was that they were used regularly . So if spending a bit of extra money will motivate YOU to actually use your hand lotion regularly, then it is worth buying a more expensive product!

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