Anti-aging skin advice

Practical Anti-Aging skin advice. If you do any of these things you will accelerate the aging of you skin. If you want to look 'old before your time' these are the things you should do. If you want to have 'younger looking skin' then avoid everyone of them.

How to accelerate the age changes in your skin.

1. Smoke or chew tobacco.

2. Get as many sunburns or wind burns as possible. Do not use sunscreen or use on those with a SPF below 15.

3. Take a lot of long baths, showers. Lie in a hot tub or do whatever you can to expose your skin to water.

4. Live in a very dry climate or keep the humidity in your home very low.

5. Avoid exercise.

6. Eat a 'fast food diet' or one with lots of highly processed foods. Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables.

Want some positive Anti-aging skin care advice?

Obviously NOT doing any of the 6 items listed above! Then there are other things that you can do. In fact scientists and medical doctors have found that there are a number of things that make for good Anti-aging skin strategies.

And there is constant research in this area. If you click on Anti-aging skin advice you will find specific articles that will show you how to retain beautiful skin well into your old age.

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