Practical anti-aging makeup for older women

Here are some anti-aging makeup tips for older women that can help you to look your best.

  • If you are in your forties consider these anti-aging makeup tips
    1. Be sure to get a high number SPF lotion and use it!. In your forties, you can prevent real sun damage to your face and hands. When you are in your sixties you will be glad you used SPF of 30 or more every time you went out in the sun.
    2. Moisturizer. Many women find that they need a heavier formula. Experiment with a few brands until you find one that really works for your skin. See: How to find the Best moisturizer
    3. Blush. If your skin no longer has a 'natural glow' blush can bring it back. If you are not used to adding get a few tips from at a cosmetics counter BUT be sure you ask someone a bit older so she understands your face and skin.
    4. Concealer, eye liner and mascara can do wonders for your eyes. Take an afternoon and experiment. It can be fun.

    But with all these things, you want to be sure you can do a 'professional looking job' - especially if you are not used to using some of the anti-aging makeup products.

    It is worth getting a lesson from a professional who can give you anti-aging make up tips that will fit your specific skin tone and hair color.

  • If you are in your fifties and sixties try these anti-aging makeup tips.

    When you were born, fifty was considered 'old'. No more. The make up industry calls us 'older women' but that is not how your friends and associates think at you.

    Still when it comes to makeup you need to make some changes. You can not continue to wear the makeup of your thirties and forties and still look good. So, consider these anti-aging make up tips.

    1. During and after menopause there are subtle changes to your skin. It can become drier. A good moisturizer becomes especially important. And keep your sun protection. A high SPF formula is very important during these years. Keep a sun protector in the car and by the door so you never leave the house without it.

      Having several containers in strategic places will help you develop the habit of putting it every time you will be in the sun.

    2. Be subtle. Many women in this age group use too much makeup. Perhaps they are trying to cover things they do not like about themselves but they wind up looking a bit clownish. You do not want that.

      Take some time and study your face in the mirror. Decide what your strong points are. (We all have them.) Now plan your anti-aging makeup strategies to emphasize your strong points - rather than trying to hide everything else.If you like your eyes, make them the focus. If you do not like your eyes, then emphasize your lips.

    3. A brighter blush will take attention away from any lines around your eyes. But be careful You want a blush that it blends with your skin
    4. Hair color. Many women in their fifties find that hair color can be a key to looking younger. If you color be sure that that it looks natural. As you reach towards sixty, letting 'pepper and salt' or gray show can be very attractive.

      If your gray hair has a yellowish tinge, try one of the 'blue' shampoos. I think you will be pleased with the results.

    5. Again, it is worth getting some professional anti-aging make up advice during your sixties. But be sure to go to someone close to your own age who appears to use make up well. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman who has gotten anti-aging make up tips that are far to young for her face and skin tone.
    6. And you may be ready to move into Elderhood, the third stage of human development so enjoy it! You will look so much better if you do.
  • Your seventies and eighties can hold a special beauty that younger women can not reach. Your anti-aging makeup strategies need to keep up with your changing skin tone.
    1. Remember: Your face is now your own - it shows the kind of person you are, your habitual thoughts have shaped its contours. Be proud of it.
    2. One of the best things you can do for your face, skin and over all looks is to be active. Join a gym! Take some time to read the pages about the 3 forms of Anti-aging exercises .

      Your vitality is especially important during these years since it will affect your skin tone. And the good news is that even if you have been a 'couch potato' for most of your life, you can develop a new vibrancy and strength.

      Research has show than even persons who are using walkers, can develop their strength. Many are able to put aside walkers, canes and other assistive devices after strength training. No matter what your capacity is now, you can grown strong. And it is especially important to do this before you turn ninety.

    3. Another Anti-aging makeup tips is: to find good moisturizer and a light foundation or concealer. Dry skin can be a problem so keep small bottles with moisturizer or natural oils by every sink in the house. The most important of the anti-aging make up tips for older women is to take time to moisturize your body after bathing. See: how to find a good moisturizer
    4. Since your eyebrows are likely to be lighter now than at any other time, many women start defining their eyebrows during these years.
    5. Be careful of lipstick colors if you use it. You may need to change colors to complement your changing skin tone. And you may find that using a lip liner to define the edges will prevent lipstick from bleeding into any small wrinkles.
    6. If you are using makeup, be sure to put it on in bright light. After you have it on, go to a window where the sun shines in and check it with a hand mirror to make sure that it blends in and you do not have a 'make up line' or splotches on your cheeks. As our eye sight changes we really need to give special attention to this.
    7. Finally, enjoy your face. You have earned it. Your spirit will shine forth from your eyes. You can show younger women that eighty has its special beauty.

  • Your nineties and beyond
    1. Be sure you have a good hair cut. As you hair thins, you may need to change your style. Lucky the woman who can find a really good stylist who understands the special needs of older hair.
    2. It is time to review your makeup. Of course you want to continue to use a good moisturizer. But you may want to change your lipstick, make it more subtle. Again, it is worth getting a good consult from a make up specialist.

      Treat yourself. Or if someone want to give you a special gift for your birthday, ask for an appointment with a knowledgeable beauty specialist - who understands the special attributes of your time of life. It can be a fun visit and it can give you great confidence in public.

    3. Elderhood is special . Wear it with confidence.
So there are your anti-aging makeup for older women suggestions. A number of these ideas and additional tips can be found in Bobbie Brown's books Bobbie Brown Beauty Evolution: A guide to a Lifetime of Beauty . This book is worth consulting if you want additional anti-aging makeup older women suggestions - especially if you do not have a beauty consultant to guide your through your anti-aging make up transition years.

There are some excellent make up products - especially those from LUSH cosmetics and Murad at anti-aging makeup products

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