Anti-aging cream: moisturizers

Anti-aging cream: best moisturizer for women over 40. There are so many moisturizing creams on the market.  Each one claims to be the very best. How can you evaluate these claims?  One of the surest ways is to look to what scientific research says. 

Research about Anti-aging cream:

In the last 10 years there has been much research about the best ways to maintain of the outer layer of your skin.  Researchers now believe that it is not all hype. A good anti-aging cream CAN be an important tool for maintaining your outer layer of skin. 

The Journal of European Academy of Dermatology  published an article by M. Loden said that our instinct to apply an oily substance to our skin may be as old as civilization itself.

Our real goals in buying a moisturizers for our skin are to:

  • keep 'healthy skin integrity' and
  • produce a healthy appearance no matter what our age

So just who should use moisturizers?

If you are looking for anti-aging cream and you have normal skin, you should use a moisturizer.

If you have abnormal skin conditions, eg. very oily skin or frequent inflamed blemishes, you  should consult a qualified dermatologist before using anything on your face.  Do not try to remedy things by 'trial and error' since you can make things worse by delaying real treatment.

If you are going to use an anti-aging cream, you want to understand that there are three main types of creams:

  1. Some moisturizers are packaged as ointments, creams or lotions
  2.  Others come as oils or gels
  3.  Still others come as part of bath or shower products which remain on you skin after washing.

What can these products really do? Is it all hype?  

You need to understand that your skin can be damaged both from too little water AND by too much water. The problems associated with 'dry skin' are not always solved by increased hydration (water) alone. This is why some moisturizers perform different roles for the surface of the skin.

  • Many skin creams act as emollients - substances that will make your skin softer or smoother.
  • Others are humecants. They bring additional water to your skin.
  • And other creams are both emollients and humecants.

So you need to decide. What does your skin need? And when you buy an anti-aging cream read the manufacturer description. It should say what the product was designed to do.  If you have dry skin, buying an emollient, it is not going to solve your problem. It will not hydrate (bring water your skin.  You need a product that is a humectant.

But buying a  humectant is not going to make your skin softer or smoother.  If you want softer, smoother skin you need to buy a product that is an emollient.  AND if you want both softer skin and skin that is not so dry, be  sure to buy a product that is both an emollient and a humectant.

These things are important. So often women are disappointed by skin care products. Often their disappointment comes from responding to a fancy ad rather than choosing the  kind of product for their skin needs.  OK. So now you know the difference between emollients and humecants.  So....

What is the best anti-aging cream?

If you have understood these real differences between  skin care products you realize that despite what the  marketing campaigns say, there is NO ONE moisturizer that is BEST  for everyone 

In the articled mentioned earlier M. Lodin says that the BEST MOISTURIZER  is the one that you like and the one you will keep using. No moisturizer can help to you, if you do not use it regularly.

So, the best advice I can offer is to remember that despite the claims of advertisers, there is NO ONE PERFECT MOISTURIZER.  You need  to read labels. Find products that meet you needs. Buy small amounts.  You may want to try a number of different products until you find one that seems best for you.  Just because a friend likes a product does not mean it will be a good one for you. Your skin could have different needs.

Reader suggestions and reviews

Readers with experience can often make helpful suggestions to others.  Readers of this web site are often willing to make suggestion based on their experience.   If you have had a GREAT experience....(or terrible experience) why not share it with others?

So often we ask friends for advice. Here is your chance to offer  advice to those looking for it.  I am sure readers will be glad if you share your experience with anti-aging creams and moisturizers.

Thanks in advance.  Kate

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