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Best Internet Security Programs for Seniors. If you want full protection on line, you will want to invest in one of the security programs that charge a fee. There are many on the market. Some offer you little more protection than you can get by doubling up some FREE Internet security programs.

But there is one program that offers far better security as well as a host of other services to keep you and your computer safe. (Remember that if you have cable, FIOS or cable, your computer is 'on line' and open to breaches ALL the time, not just when you are using it. That is why security is so important.)

Best Internet Security that you buy If you want the sense of confidence that comes with a really complete Internet security package, it is worth spending the money for the best security system, the one used by businesses as well as individuals. That is NORTON, the Granddaddy of Internet Security systems.

Is it worth paying for? Last year I decided to upgrade to Norton 360 after I evaluated its real cost to me. After I did the math I realized that although NORTON 360 costs more than Norton's regular security package, I was going to save money because NORTON 360 includes:

  1. Automatic back up program so I did not renew by Carbonite back up program and that saved $55.00 in renewal fees
  2. Anti-spy ware and spy ware removal so I did not renew Webroot and that saved me another $29.95

The program also keeps me safe when surfing the www; it has one of the most secure firewalls in the business. AND Norton 360 does computer maintenance. It checks my registry, defragments files and does disk optimization automatically so hard drive is at its most efficient all the time.

Finally, Norton offers great support. Despite having web sites I am NOT a techie. Norton was one of the first companies to set up 'remote problem repair". The one time I wound up unsure what to remove before installing a new edition, I called NORTON and instead of having someone give me directions, the person took over the computer. She fixed the problem AND even did me the favor of removing an old version she thought might interfere with things. Great service. Polite. And the next day they checked back to make sure everything was working just fine.

So, yes there are loads of Internet Security packages on the market. And I have used others but no more. Norton is the Best Internet security system as far as I am concerned. If you are going to pay for a security package, I suggest the Big Gorilla of the industry which is NORTON. Why not take a look at what they offer:

If you already have NORTON and are looking to upgrade, go to: Norton Products on Amazon

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