Technology Aging Revolution

Technology Aging This is not a new topic. Since the dawn of the 20th century there have been technological developments use to improve quality for human beings as they age. What differs is the kind of technology and what it affords us as human beings.

Time and common usage 'normalizes' most technological developments. There was a time when a wheel chair or a walker was considered 'important technological advancement'. Today we consider such things as ordinary just as we consider eye glasses, hearing aids, electronic timers, telephone answering systems etc. as normal. So what about Technology Aging today?

Here are some technological assists that can make your life a little easier - Technology Aging helps for us all

  • Communication with Skype If you know all about Skype and are ready to download the program, click this link. (It takes you to a page for Microsoft download but the page also links to the MAC page you click on the GET SKYPE button on the top of the site. Click her Skype download

    Skype allows you to make free 'computer to computer' phone calls. But what most elders like is that SKYPE with a web cam allows you to visit face-t-face electronically. If you do not live close to friends or family SKYPE is worth downloading. And if you are ever home bound by weather or illness, SKYPE will allow you to visit face to face'' with friends and family. To learn more Click here: Skype for Seniors

    1. Reading - especially your computer screen If you are having difficulty seeing things on your computer, there are some easy adjustments you can make. Check out Technology Aging: computer vision helps
    2. Your mouse There is no need to suffer pain when using your mouse! There are solutions. Go to Trackballs and Ergonomic mice.
    3. Voice recognition If you find it difficult or impossible to type, there are a number of free speech recognition programs available. Check out Computer Speech programs.
    4. Speech devices There is increasing interest and development of devices that provide speech of those unable to use verbal language. Some of these are phone apps and so are very inexpensive.
    5. Safeguarding your computer and its files. Click on Best free anti-virus programs
    6. Best securityBest Internet Security Available
    7. Learn more Technology Aging information by reading Best Free Computer Magazines

  • Safety Devices
    1. Home security systems

    2. Web cams A number of computer savvy people are installing web cams in the main rooms. This allows them to monitor any activity that might take place while they are at work or away from home. More than one homeowner has seen a robbery in progress, been able to call the police from their remote location AND they have a visual image of the thief! This is not difficulty to set up. If it seems a bit beyond you, ask a grandchild...
    3. We have all seen the ads for 'fall alert devices' - usually a push button device that a person can use to summon help if they fall or have another emergency. These devices often offer a sense of greater security to older persons who are frail or whose balance is compromised as well as those who live alone. They also offer security to children or family members who might otherwise worry about an elder who lives alone.
    4. Devices to prevent wandering Currently there are a number of devices that you can attach to an ankle or clothing of a person who suffers from dementia that will alert you (or some third party) if they wander tool far from home. You can set the distance. Some want to be alerted if the person leaves the premises, others want to allow taking a neighborhood walk. for more information, go to

    Robot assistance

    1. Robot vacuumsare now in many department stores. So too are robot grass cutters. Nice for those who find such physical tasks becoming more difficulty. But robot assistance is still in development. Expect robots that will fix a simple meal, serve it and bring the dishes back to the too 'tidying up' or picking up the mail or morning paper is on the horizon

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