Best free anti-virus , malware programs

The Best free anti-virus program is the one that offers you the best protection at the lowest cost. You can not get any cheaper than FREE. It does not make sense to go online, use email or the Internet without protection. If you have the money, it may make sense to purchase NORTON or some other major program. But if you do not feel you can afford or want to pay annual fees, there are some good alternatives.

There are some FREE programs that are rated by the top computer magazines as among the best. Of course you need to be careful. There are some techies who offer 'free programs' to unsuspecting users and these free programs infect the computer with the very sort of malware you are trying to avoid.

But I have done the research....and here is a list of some of the Best anti-virus programs given in the major computing magazines. Note I have listed these in alphabetical order, not in any order of preference.

Expert Opinions

Now it may be that you would feel more confident if you have some EXPERT opinions about the Best free anti-virus programs s. Good move! Here are links to reviews in some top Computer magazines:

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