Computer help vision problems

Computer help vision problems as we age. Ways to make your computer screen easier to read:

  1. If you are having trouble reading the print on your computer screen you can take the advice of NEWSPAPER ADS and spend big bucks for glasses with tri-focal lens. These lenses allow you to see near (reading the newspaper), middle distance (reading computer screen) and full distance (driving he car). OR you can solve your problem for just a dollar. Yes, a dollar! How? Go to your nearest 'dollar store'. Bring along a paper with print of the size you usually find on your computer (A newspaper will do). Hold it as far from your eyes as your computer monitor. Then try on pairs of glasses from their rack of varied lens reading glasses. If you are not certain which is best, you can always buy two pair. After all they will only cost $! each! Leave these 'computer glasses' next to your monitor and when you sit in front of the computer take off your regular glasses and put on your dollar store ones. "Works like a charm" (Kate). "We bought several pairs so we never have to say, 'Now WHERE are my glasses?'"( Nina)
  2. If you only have problems reading very small print, such as some of the Google books, there is an easy solution built into your Windows program. If you have a windows 7 or windows Vista use the MAGNIFIER that comes with your program. Here are some videos to show you how to set this up: Video for Windows 7 Magnifier Video directions for Vista
  3. Of course you can increase the SIZE OF EVERYTHING on your screen but that is a more permanent fix. For directions go to: Computer help vision: Windows 7 Windows Vista
  4. To enlarge your mouse pointer: Go to change mouse settings in windows

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