Skype for Seniors

Skype for Seniors - here is a way to make FREE phone calls to anyone - whether they use computer, mobile tablet, home phone or TV for their telephone calls.

FREE phone calls are not the only thing you get with Skype. You also get some remarkable services:

  • Conference Calls You can set up a Conference Call for if everyone you want to call has also downloaded their free copy of Skype. Families and friends can get together for a good chat or to make plans or talk politics. If you live where the weather can be tough or if someone of your group is finding travel difficult, that is no reason why they should feel 'out of touch' with what is going on. Even small businesses are using Skype
  • Video calls I first learned about this feature of when an acquaintance said he participated in his grand kids birthday parties via Skype. He even read his grandson a bed time story over Skype! And his youngest grandson often hugged or blew a kiss via computer monitor the end of a call - that's how real it seemed/ And that is when I thought I would tell readers of this web site about Skype for Seniors.
  • Besides providing contacts across the miles, video calls are also a great help to civic groups and businesses. I even know a woman counselor who meets some of her clients via Skype. Imagine never missing a get together again. Imagine being able to include everyone, even those unable to get out, in all your meetings! And it saves money too. Last year I was at a Conference sponsored by the Center on Aging and Policy and we had a speaker from Wisconsin who was able to see us as we could see her. Her question and answer session at the end was so good because she was able to see whether her answers were making sense to us or if she needed to go back and review something. With Skype anyone can afford to have a speakers from almost anywhere since there are NO travel costs, no hotel costs involved in bringing a speaker to your group.
  • Some Skype services do have fees. Example: calling Internationally to land line and mobile phones. But the fees are very low.
  • AND now this service if available for both Windows and MAC. So whether you are die hard Microsoft user or an ardent Apple fan, you can get the right version.

I hope you enjoy Skype. I have been using it for several months. A friend told me he reads a good night story to his grandson via Skype almost every night.....and the little boy sometimes gives a hug to the computer monitor when he is finished. Never heard of a child hugging a mere telephone. Skype changes the whole experience.

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