Computer Speech programs

Computer Speech Programs are useful for anyone who has trouble using a keyboard. These programs will type what you say to them. If you download one, be sure to read the directions and be prepared to spend a little time 'training' the program to get used to your voice and any regional speech sounds.

You can save yourself a bundle by trying out a FREE speech to text program.

Free Speech to text programs. There are a number of Free Speech to text programs available for your computer. Some are easier to use than others so you might want to download a program on a trial basis. If you do not like it, delete the program and then try another. (I found that some programs had more difficulty with my New York accent than others....)

Here are free speech recognition programs for Windows

Now if you want your computer to READ TEXT TO YOU, then you need a 'text to speech program'. Yes, your computer can read to you! YOu might want to try: Free text reading computer programs for your use

Yes, there are other program that you will pay for. But why not try out some of the free ones first? It can save you money and many find them quite satisfactory.

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