Trackballs for Seniors

Trackballs for Seniors Arthrites, carpal tunnel syndrome, sore fingers and wrists can make using a computer mouse a really painful affair.

After a serious car accident some years ago I found myself having difficulty with the usual computer mouse. I tried several. Then an 'assistive technology' person recommended the Kensington Trackball and things really turned around.

Kennsington offers several different devices. The one I use has a ball, almost the size of a tennis ball, in the middle of the device. Rolling the ball with the palm of your hand...or even with your wrist controls the mouse pointer. Then there are 4 large buttons that you can program for click, double click etc. And what is quite wonderful is that you can change the programming at will so if you begin to develop repetitive weakness or stress, you can just switch the buttons. The Kenningson is so well designed that I, an inveterate left hander, found I could reprogram it and use it with my right hand when I needed a change.

Kenningston trackball is usable with both WINDOWS and MAC. A real gift for anyone with repetitive stress, arthritis or other hand/wrist problem.

But Kennsington is not the only company that offers trackballs and ergonomic mice. Logitech is another company that make an ergonomic mouse.

Take a look at what is available on line. some people prefer to start with a preowned device. Saves money and you can be sure that you have exactly what you want. Amazon has some of the best prices on these devices.

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