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Senior Health As we age we can accumulate a number of nagging health issues. But we can do something about many of them. It is even possible to to reverse many health problems that come as we age..

Few have vibrant health straight though 110 years of age. But more and more research is showing that we can reverse or alleviate many Senior Health conditions. Of course we need to follow the advice and prescriptions of our licensed medical providers. But by making some changes we can often alleviate or reverse these things.

We are the generation that has seen many changes. I have been researching health topics for over 20 years. (After reversing my own bone loss, I put together a research based web site about Osteopenia and Osteoporosis so as to share the information.

Here I offer links to research on other Senior Health topics. Here are some of these topics. I shall add others as I do more research. I am not willing to just list anything. If there is a link to a specific program, it is there because I have researched it carefully and/or used it myself and found it useful. I am NOT willing to list just anything...and have refused ads and requests for links by web sites and/or programs that I have not found credible.

List of Senior Health topics:

  1. Arthritis is the bane of so many people. It can range from being an annoyance to being a really crippling condition. Here is a page that may be helpful for anyone who lives with Arthritis
  2. Baldness Read about some natural things that are useful for both women and men. Click on Hair Growth Remedies
  3. Blood pressure is important and many people develop high blood pressure as they age. But you CAN normalize your blood pressure. Click here for Senior Health: Blood Pressure Normalized
  4. Bone fractures are painful AND they can be life threatening too. Most fractures happen to seniors as a result of falls. Read ways to AVOID falling .
  5. Senior health and Cholesterol. Here is an article with links to other articles about .How to Increase your good (HDL) Cholesterol and Reduce your bad (LDL) Cholesterol .
  6. Diabetes Did you know that Type 1 diabetes can be halted or that Type 2 (the kind most of us develop) can be reversed in a little as a month? My mother had diabetes and I really wish I knew about this program while she was still alive. Click here to learn more about Reversing Diabetes naturally
  7. Senior health and Herpes. Click here for Herpes Relief Guide
  8. Kidney problems. An Australian health care provider uses natural means to to improve kidney function of his patients. He now has a web site. I list this site because I, myself, have used his book and found it helpful. (I KNOW the audio on this site can be a bit annoying. BUT this program is the best I have found (I have used it myself) AND there is a money back guarantee so there is really no risk. Click Here for the Kidney Disease solution
  9. Lyme disease is often a missed - lyme mimics so many other conditions. It can appear to be any one of a number of cognitive or muscular diseases including Alzheimer or Parkinson's disease. I live in one of the areas of the United States where lyme disease is almost epidemic. I have been infected with lyme (as well as babesia and erlichiosis both tick born also) a number of times. You might want to check this Lyme disease symptoms page to see if any fit your situation. And here is a link about some natural treatments for Lyme Disease
  10. Kyphosis or back hump. Here is an article some exercises to relieve and even reverse Kyphosis. Click on Kyphosis exercise
  11. Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Excessive bone loss CAN be reversed.....either by natural means or by pharmaceuticals. Check out my other web site for pharmaceutical and natural ways to reverse bone loss .
  12. Tinnitus If you have ringing, clicking, roaring sounds in your ears, you know how annoying Tinnitus can be. Friends have said that they would do anything to stop the sounds. Here is a program that offers a 60 day money back guarantee. Eliminate your Tinnitus
  13. UTI Report
  14. Vitamin B12 deficiency often occurs in those over age 60. Do read these 3 pages with information. Who is at most risk for B12 deficiency? Symptoms of B12 deficiency Important tips for taking B12 supplements

If you want me to include information about other health issues, use the form below. I shall read the research and summarize it for readers of this site.


Kate Now, I am very careful about what web sites I recommend or programs I suggest. There is so much 'marketing hype' out there and I want this web site to be one you can trust.

If you use one of the web sites or one of the programs and find a problem with it, please let me know so I can investigate it further. (You can use the contact form at the end of this page.)

Also, if have a particular health conditions that you would like to see included on this page, do use the contact form to let me know. I am always researching and I might come across something worthwhile.

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