Senior citizen fitness

Senior Citizen fitness The research is in. One of the best ways to enjoy a long life, good health and a strong your memory, os a daily fitness regime.

Being fit can keep you out of a nursing home......and research shows that even those already in nursing home can regained mobility of mind and body when they participating in a fitness program.

The best program will include activities that address the three big areas for elders: Balance, Aerobic capacity and strength. Some Senior Citizen fitness programs only touch upon one or two of these areas but we need all three.

  1. Balance - after the age of 40, most people loose about 1% of their balance and co-ordination each year. That does not seem like much but by the time you are 70, you may have lost 30% of your balance. This subtle loss of balance and co-ordination is the real reason why there are so few 65 year old professional basketball or baseball players or professional tennis players. This gradual loss of balance and co-ordination is also the reason why so many 76 year old fall...sometimes breaking a wrist or hip in the process. The good news is that in as little as 4 minutes a day, you can regain much of your lost balance and co-ordination. To find out how go to: Anti-Aging Balance and Co-ordination Exercises
  2. Aerobic activity Since the 1980's health professionals have been singing the praises of aerobic activities - those they get your breath and heart pumping. And the new research in this area is even more startling. As more and more researchers get interested in Anti-Aging topics they have found that Senior Citizen fitness programs that stress aerobic activity not only improves health but it also improves participants' mental fitness. Yes, if you want to retain your mind and memory, 30 - 60 minutes of daily aerobic activity can make all the difference. Now, this does not mean that you need to become a runner or even a jogger. There are dozens of Senior Citizen fitness activities that will do the aerobic trick. Read more at The easiest Aerobic Senor Citizen exercise program 
  3. Strength training is for everyone. Without strength training, we slowly loose muscle strength as we age.... unless we take steps to prevent this loss. Women tend to lose strength even faster than men. And the loss of strength - especially in our legs - is a sure path to needing home care or assisted living placement. But the good news is that even persons in their 80's and 90's can regain muscle strength! That has been proven time and time again. And of course one of the side benefits of strength training is that it stimulates our Osteoblasts (bone building cells) and we can halt or reverse Osteoporosis. To read more about Weight Bearing Activities

One of the effective Senior fitness program exercises is Tai Chi. Read more about it at Tai Chi for Senior fitness

You can read more about Anti-aging Exercise

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