How to Save on Prescription Drugs

How to Save on Prescription Drugs by Edward Jardini, MD. Published by Celestial Arts, 2008.

This small paperback book is packed with ideas and specific suggestions you can use to save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars on drug costs WITHOUT sacrificing good health care. It is a book that all patients need - especially those taking multiple medications.

Edward Jardini is a full fledged medical doctor. He is a graduate of the USC School of Medcine and has served aschair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee and as Chief of Family Practice at Twin Cities Hospital in Templeton, California. He wants patients to get the best care and the leastexpensive drug bills.

In This book Doctor Jardini shows you how to work with your health care provider to:

  1. eliminate unnecessary prescription medications
  2. find less expensive medications that can do the job as well or even better than your current more expensive medication
  3. obtain medications at a discount or even for free
as well as 17 additional ways to reduce your prescription costs.

This book belongs in the hands of every person who pays for his or her own prescription drugs or their copays. It belongs in the hands of every senior taking at least 2 prescription drugs and it belongs in the hand of children and caregivers of seniors. It shows you how to ensure that your relatives and friends receive the best prescription medical care at the least expensive costs.

You can get better care, at lower cost by using Edward Jardini's ideas for saving money on prescription drugs.

Buy a copy of this book. It will pay for itself on one trip to the pharmacy. Lend it to your friends and relatives. All of you can do better than you are now.

Buy a copy of How to Save on Prescription Drugs

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