Senior citizen employment

Senior citizen employment There are many reasons why seniors want a job. Of course the increase in income helps but many seniors they simply miss the routine and structure of work.

If you want to work in your older years you can. A lot depends on motivation and knowledge of the current job market.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a full time position or if part time will do. This is important. Many workers who have been away from the full time routine find that trying to go back to it is really stressful. You retired for a reason. Working half time or even quarter time may be a better place to start. It will give you time to 'ease back in' to getting up and out the door and spending time at sustained work, coming home late ...and even dealing with that rush hour commute.

Almost any job that comes 'full time' also has a part time alternative ---- and many employers are quicker to hire someone part time since that often means they do not have to offer the same benefits as full time workers.

Main types of Senior citizen employment

There are THREE (3) main areas of Senior citizen employment and if you really want to work, you need to consider all three of them.

    Getting a job with a company that will offer you a regular salary, benefits etc.
  1. There are some corporations which are known for employing seniors. They have found that older workers not only fit in but they do a good job. Click here for a list of some of the Best Senior citizen employment companies
  2. If that list of companies does not work out for you, do not give up. Contact your local Office of the Aging AND the Department of Labor. Get some advice about getting beck into the labor force --- what kinds of jobs are available in your area and what you might need in order to apply. Sometimes that are local 'in service' training programs to assist workers who want to return to the work force and administrators are those offices should know about them.
  3. Senior citizen employment in the service industry. This industry often needs part time or seasonal help. Florists are often glad for extra delivery help in their busy seasons. More pharmacies are offering prescription delivery services. And of course pizza shops often advertise for delivery persons. Knowing the area, having a clean driving record are musts.
  4. If you have a skills or experience in health care, check with your local hospital, clinic, doctors offices, imaging service etc. Not all these jobs are 'technical' some are 'intake' or accompanying clients to the proper rooms etc.
    Creating a job 'just for you' in a local company.
  1. If you have technical skills, you may be able to find 'seasonal work'. Accountants can often use 'savvy' help in the Spring when tax time rolls around. Of course you would need to apply much earlier in the year but it is easy enough to redesign your resume and call to meet with accountants in September. Of course you will leave your resume AND your business card.
  2. Car dealerships with active service shops often need someone to 'drive a customer back home' or deliver a car after it has been serviced. Start with the place you, yourself use. If they do not offer the service now, you might suggest that 'pick up and/or delivery' might be a way to gain more business.
  3. Leaving your name on file as 'substitute' when other employees are ill, on vacation or just needing some time off can often lead to temporary work....sometimes that leads to regular part or full time work.
    Doing a job that meets a local need.
  1. If you live within 150 miles of an airport or major transportation hub [train, bus, cruise line] you will find that driving passangers to the air port or other transportation hub can get you as much work as you want. Most drivers say they will 'drive the person's car', bring it back home and then pick them up when they return. Most have a flat fee + tolls. Travelers like the idea of NOT having to use public transportation and what they save on parking fees (if there is even an opening for their car) goes a long way to paying for this 'door-to-door' service. In my area, a number of retirees have as many trips as they want a month. And they have created a referral list so if one is not free or does not want to make a trip, they can refer a passenger to another driver. There is more than enough work to go around.
  2. Dog walking - ask your local vet, put a notice in the senior center or let your health care provide know you will provide the service (doctors know who needs to stay off their feet for a bit.) Again, this too needs a business card.
  3. Local shopping services. Seniors, temporarily disabled, overly committed parents are often glad to find someone willing to shop, drop clothing at the cleaners, wait at home for deliver or repair persons. Word of mouth is often the best publicity - although a few people have put up index cards at senior centers.
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