Anti-aging exercises

What kind of Anti-aging exercises are best?

Anti-aging exercises. You can 'age proof' yourself with exercise. This is an essential part of your program for being fit and healthy after age 40. And it becomes more and more important for every year after that.

There are so many labor saving devices on the market since the 1950's. Few, if any of us, engage in hard manual labor each day. Television and computers have meant that live even more sedentary lives.

But the human body was made for exercise. Researchers tell us in early times human beings were hunters and gatherers. People walked 7 to 18 miles each day in search of food and firewood. When was the last time you walked 7 miles a day?

Even as agriculture developed most work was done by hand or with rudimentary plows. Firewood or peat had to be gathered. Butter was churned. Crops were harvested by hand.

The human body was made for such manual work. Our modern mechanized and electronic world brings many benefits BUT we need find ways to meet the needs of our bodies that still have need for manual labor. Anti-Aging exercises done each day will keep you fit and healthy as you age.

Many of us are not quite sure exactly what sorts of exercises they need. So many people want to sell us things - a membership, a new exercise machine or a new program for keeping fit. Yet you know that some of this is just hype. You want to know what really works - what the scientific research says. Well, that is easy....

Scientific Research shows that if you are physically fit:

  • You will be more resistant to stress and disease.
  • You will remain alert and retain your brain power as you age
  • You will enjoy better moods and resist 'old age depression'
  • You will experience fewer falls or fractures than those who do not exercise

Pretty impressive list of benefits.

But what many people do not realize is that there is NO ONE EXERCISE that will bring about all those benefits. You need different kinds: aerobic for heart and brain health, weight bearing to keep your bones strong and prevent old age frailty, and balance and co-ordination to prevent falls in your old age. Let us look at the three basic forms of Anti-aging exercises

First is aerobic exercise. This is the kind of exercise that causes your body temperature to rise, that gets your heart pumping into your target heart range. (If you need information about target heart ranges, click on Target heart Rate

Some of the most common Aerobic exercises: bicycling, cross country skiing, using glider machines, jogging, jumping rope, rowing, skating, walking etc. (Yes, walking has been found to be a good aerobic exercise. You can go to Anti-aging exercises: Walking

Second: Balance and Co-ordination exercises. So many people in their late 70's or 80's have serious falls. This can be avoided by the right form of exercise.

Did you know that most people lose balance and co-ordination as they age? A loss of about 1% of our balance and co-ordination every year after age 45 is quite normal. But this means that by the time you are 70, you could lose 25% of your co-ordination and balance. And by age 85, you will have lost 35%! No wonder people fall!

BUT the good news is that this loss of co-ordination and balance can be prevented if we do 10 minutes of balance and co-ordination practice 4 or 5 times a week. And what is exciting is that even if you have already lost some of your balance, you can regain much if not all of it with these simple exercises.

You can test your balance and co-ordination right at home. And then use the exact same test exercises for daily practice. Click here Balance and Co-ordination

Then, too, Tai Chi is a wonderful exercise that improves balance and co-ordination. Here is a short article Tai Chi and it many benefits or if you are interested in a good Tai Chi program that you can do at home, take a look at this one Tai Chi Click Here!

Some people prefer Yoga. And it, too, has real benefits for balance and co-ordination. But there are some cautions about doing YOGA is you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. Click here to read Exercise Warning

The third kind of Anti-aging exercises you need are weight bearing exercises strengthen your muscles and prevent excessive bone loss

This is important. You do not need to join a gym to do it. But weight bearing exercise should be part of your weekly physical fitness program.

To read more click on Weight bearing exercises

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